‘All I ever did was supply a demand that was pretty popular’- Al Capone

Lefebvre´s Liquor Bar is Ernest Lefebvre’s second venue on Neude 1. Nearly eight years ago, he opened Wijncafé Lefebvre at Neude 2, which has become a household name in Utrecht for a great place to have a drink. Nevertheless, Ernest kept dreaming of a pub offering an extensive variety of liquor. When the opportunity arose to acquire a new venue right next to Lefebvres Wine Bar, Ernest simply had to take it.

When living with his wife in Chicago, they were at the heart of gangster Al Capone’s vast illegitimate business of selling liquor during Prohibition. Liquor is the umbrella name for drinks, like beer, wine, cocktails and spirits.

Bold drinks with a good story, that’s what it’s all about at the Liquor Bar. Celebrating together to have the choice to enjoy a good glass of whisk(e)y, a spicy gin or a refreshing locally brewed beer – the kind of luxury people during Prohibition in America could only dream of!

In short, at Lefebvres Liquor Bar you’ll find that good old pub vibe, where the rebel in you can quench his or her thirst!